Cliff House Groundbreaking

Cliff house Groundbreaking 23 Jan 2003

Cliff House Renovation Groundbreaking Ceremony - 23 January 2003.

Left to Right: Mark Hulbert, Preservation Architect; Supervisor Matt Gonzalez; Sergio Nibbi, Nibbi Brothers General Contractors; Bob Nibbi, Nibbi Brothers General Contractors; Ralph Burgin, Cliff House Manager; Alfonso Ricciolo, Site Superintendent, Nibbi Brothers; Danny Hountalas, Cliff House Proprietor; David Robinson, C. David Robinson Architects; Stephen Najako?, San Francisco Fire Commission President; Mais-Liis Bartling, Acting Superintendent GGNRA; Stephen Haller, Park Historian GGNRA; Jim Young, Comerica Bank (Cliff House Project Financier); Earl Sanders, San Francisco Chief of Police; Tom Maxwell as Mark Twain.

Thanks to Christine Miller for the photograph, and to her, Ranger Bob Holloway and Carrie Strahan of the National Park Service for helping identify the participants!

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