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Western Neighborhoods Project shares local history at events for community organizations, clubs, businesses, schools, and fairs. We also host our own events, including special walks and symposiums exclusively for WNP members.

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  • Exhibition: SF Ice Arena, 1990(WNP Event)

    Dec 7, 2019 - Mar 21, 2020 at Western Neighborhoods Project 1617 Balboa
    In 1990, when news of the demolition of the Outer Sunset's venerable 48th Avenue Ice Arena became public. Photographer Darcie Westerlund set out to document the west side landmark's last days. We are proud to inaugurate our new exhibition schedule at our home for history with a curated set of Darcie's images from her trips to the Ice Arena. hours 10-4 Monday through Saturday (and by appointment)
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    map to: Western Neighborhoods Project 1617 Balboa
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