Sunnyside District

Sunnyside/Monterey Boulevard

From the A.S. Baldwin survey of Adolph Sutro's estate in 1912: "San Miguel Ranch
"No. 61. Standing in the center of Sunnyside Avenue, between Genesee and Hamburg streets in Sunnyside, looking westerly towards projected extension of Sunnyside Avenue through San Miguel Ranch."

Sunnyside Avenue - Baldwin book

Sunnyside Avenue was indeed extended through the ranch. The street name was changed to Monterey Boulevard and the road wound between the new developments of Westwood Park and Westwood Highlands, terminating in St. Francis Wood.

WNP photo from approximately same spot, August 2002:

Monterey Boulevard - August 2002

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Images: 1) A.S. Baldwin report on Sutro Estate, 1912. Courtesy of the San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library; 2) WNP photo, August 2002.

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