Parkside Theater

Parkside Theater

Parkside Theater 12-28-1928
Parkside Theater, Opening Day, 1928
Photo courtesy of J.E. Tillmany

Parkside Theater
Taraval Street at Nineteenth Avenue

Opened: December 28, 1928

First film: "Red Lights", starring Charles (Buddy) Rogers.

Closed: September 21, 1976

Reopened with a children's daycare school in the bottom and the theater having evening performances viewable from the balcony. The theater portion closed for good in July of 1988.

Most people won't recognize the Parkside Theater photo above. The sleek renovation shown below may be more familiar. To succeed, movie theaters had to always appear "modern" and many were renovated a number of times to conform to architectural fads.

(Thanks to J.E. Tillmany for most of this information.)

"There were sand dunes on both sides of it (the Parkside Theater). We had to walk quite a ways to get to the movies. I had these new black patent-leather shoes, and we came back and they were dull: all the shine was gone." - Irene Sullivan Fay

Parkside Fox Theater - 1980
(Parkside) Fox Theater - 1980
Courtesy of J.E. Tillmany

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