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OutsideLands West Portal Tunnel Tote
$20 + $5 shipping/handling two colors to choose from!

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Carry all your stuff and represent the West Side with this nifty tote bag with an original Twin Peaks Tunnel and Streetcar design (by Nicole's uncle!) showing the West Portal of the Twin Peaks Tunnel. (sturdy canvas... hey it's got a streetcar on it)

It's our pleasure to offer these fine feature-length DVDs by local filmmakers

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Sutro's - The Palace at Lands End

Sutro's - The Palace at Lands End
a film by Tom Wyrsch
$18 + $4 shipping/handling Color, Running Time 84 minutes

A full length documentary film about San Francisco's privately owned swimming, ice skating and museum complex built in the late 19th century. Once the world's largest swimming pool establishment, the building burnt down in 1966. The ruins remain today. Journey back in time to revisit Sutro Baths when it was in full operation. See: The Seven Pools, Sutro Railway, Merry Way, Sutro's Cliff House, Ice Skating Rink, Egyptian Mummy Museum, Tom Thumb Exhibit, Musee Mecanique, Torture Museum, Lord's Last Supper, Ito, Giggling Ghost, 1963 & 1966 Fires, Sutro Ruins, and much, much more. A nostalgic trip back in time told by historians and the people that were there.

Through interviews, film footage, and hundreds of photographs, this film not only allows us to relearn and finally understand Sutro Baths' history, but also to feel and experience it. 84 minutes in length.

DVD - Trina Lopez - A Second Final Rest

A Second Final Rest: The History of San Francisco's Lost Cemeteries
A film by Trina Lopez
$22.95 + $5 shipping/handling Color, Running Time 46 minutes + 1 short subject, La Llorona 17 minutes

The feature presentation, A Second Final Rest: The History of San Francisco's Lost Cemeteries, exhumes the hidden history how this modern metropolis managed to systematically relocate nearly all of its burial grounds to make room for the living. Through recollections of residents who remember these forgotten graveyards to reflections on present day conflicts that pit the living against the dead, A Second Final Rest reveals an astonishing chapter in the history of the American West in which those who settled the City by the Bay were unceremoniously sent packing long after they had passed from this world to the next.

We're proud to offer these books by local authors.

Westwood Park - Building a Bungalow Neighborhood in San Francisco

Westwood Park - Building a Bungalow Neighborhood in San Francisco
by Kathleen Beitiks
$30 + $5 shipping/handling , 10.5 inches by 10 inches, 120 pg, color, illustrated, hardback

This 120-page hard cover book celebrates the centennial of the bungalow community of Westwood Park on the south side of Mount Davidson. Author Kathleen Beitiks and photographer Bruce Welch combine to share the history and the present-day character of a unique "residence park" neighborhood, complete with archival images, ads, and an illustrated index of all 667 homes.

More Boomer Memories: Growing Up in San Francisco by Frank Dunnigan

Growing Up in San Francisco: More Boomer Memories
by Frank Dunnigan
$21.99 + $5 shipping/handling - 192pg, 9" x 6", illustrated

Newcomers and visitors can still enjoy iconic San Francisco with activities like riding a cable car or taking in the view from Twin Peaks. But San Franciscans cherish memories of a place quite different. They reminisce about seafood dinners at A. Sabella’s on Fisherman’s Wharf, the enormous Christmas tree in Union Square’s City of Paris department store and taking a handful of dimes to Playland-at-the-Beach for arcade games and cotton candy. In his second volume of these unforgettable stories, local author and historian Frank Dunnigan vividly recalls the many details that made life special in the City by the Bay for generations.

San Francisco's St. Cecilia Parish: A History by Frank Dunnigan

San Francisco's St. Cecilia Parish: A History
by Frank Dunnigan
$21.99 + $5 shipping/handling - 221pg, 9" x 6", illustrated

Originally housed in a two-story home and then in an old converted schoolhouse along Taraval Street in 1917, San Francisco's St. Cecilia Church today stands as a cultural pillar and architectural gem of the Parkside District. The parish continually grew to meet the demands of its members, despite the hardships brought on by events like the Great Depression and both world wars. Through years of expansions, new construction and additions, the parish remains an active gathering place for thousands of people. Local author Frank Dunnigan utilizes community remembrances and photos from dozens of different sources to tell the story of a vibrant parish that continues to live up to its motto: "The Finest, the Greatest and the Best."

Growing Up in the Western Neighborhoods by Frank Dunnigan

Growing Up in San Francisco's Western Neighborhoods
by Frank Dunnigan
$19.95 + $5 shipping/handling - 188pg, 10" x 7", illustrated

From football games at Kezar Stadium to a perfectly broiled Zim burger, San Franciscans have fond memories of the decades after World War II. In his book, Growing Up in San Francisco's Western Neighborhoods: Boomer Memories from Kezar Stadium to Zim's Hamburgers, WNP columnist and SF native Frank Dunnigan offers a charming collection of nostalgic vignettes about the thriving West side communities of unforgettable people and places that defined generations.

Sutro's Glass Palace - The Story of the Sutro Baths

Sutro's Glass Palace - The Story of the Sutro Baths
by John A. Martini
$22.95 + $5 shipping/handling , 8.75 inches by 9 inches, 144 pg, color, illustrated, paperback

Sutro Baths is one of San Francisco's "lost landmarks." Built by Comstock millionaire Adolph Sutro as the world's largest indoor swimming complex, it dazzled visitors with its Victorian opulence when it opened in 1894. Attractions include seven swimming pools, a museum, restaurants, tropical plants, promenades, and seating for thousands of spectators. Never profitable, the Baths remained a popular destination for San Franciscans until it burned in 1966. Today, the site of Sutro Baths still attracts visitors who come explore its concrete ruins and mysterious tunnels. Sutro's Glass Palace is the fascinating story of this vanished but enduring piece of San Francisco history. lavishly illustrated with dozens of historic photographs and new artwork, this book will be popular with San Franciscans, historians, and visitors to the site.

Playland - The Golden Years

Playland at the Beach - The Golden Years
by James R. Smith (signed by the author)
$22.95 + $5 shipping/handling 150 pages, 8.5 inches by 11 inches, paperback

San Francisco's Playland at the Beach: The Golden Years is a comprehensively documented and illustrated history of the park from 1940 until its closing in 1972. It is the definitive and authoritative look at one of America's landmark amusement parks, Playland at the Beach, a glamorous park that is still revered by San Franciscans more than 40 years after it closed. Rare photographs of Playland at the Beach include the Fun House, the famous Looff Merry-Go-Round, the clubs & attractions (remember Chet Helms' Family Dog and the Model Car Raceways?). Not to be missed are photos of the park's great rides like Shoot the Chutes, the Big Dipper and the Diving Bell. Take stroll down memory lane to San Francisco's Ocean Beach from World War II to 1972 when this beloved amusement park closed forever.

Stories in the Sand by Lorri Ungaretti

Stories in the Sand San Francisco's Sunset District 1847-1964
by Lorri Ungaretti
$26.95 + $5 shipping/handling - 176pg, 10" x 7", illustrated

Stories in the Sand: San Francisco's Sunset District 1847-1964, is 176 pages of fascinating history, in-depth profiles of four people who contributed to that history, quotes from present and past residents, and almost 200 archival photographs. Stories in the Sand tells the little-known, colorful, and often surprising stories of people who embodied the pioneer spirit by moving into an area of San Francisco that was once considered uninhabitable, transforming it into a thriving neighborhood.

San Francisco's Sunset District by Lorri Ungaretti

Sunset District Book
by Lorri Ungaretti
$19.99 + $5 shipping/handling

Get the first book by Western Neighborhoods Project board member Lorri Ungaretti, featuring over 150 historical images of the Sunset collected from libraries, government agencies, private collections and residents' photo albums!

Life in the Sunset by Ron Jones

Life In the Sunset
by Ron Jones
$19.95 + $5 shipping/handling - 80pg, 11" x 8.5", illustrated

Life in the Sunset is a memoir told through the eyes of a child growing up in the Sunset District of San Francisco in the 1950's. It's a story about trying to fit in. How to be a part of the "in" group. Or outside looking in. Ron Jones is an author who has written about ecveryday heroes who enrich our lives. His classroom experiment in Fascism, The Wave has been made into a feature film. In addition to writing, Ron taught theater and sports to the physically and mentally diasbled for 30 years at the Janet Pomeroy Center.

Carville-by-the-Sea by Woody LaBounty

by Woody LaBounty
$35 + $5 shipping/handling 144 color pages, 8 inches by 10.5 inches, hardcover

Carville-by-the-Sea: San Francisco's Streetcar Suburb, a new book by Woody LaBounty, vividly recalls one of the quirkiest communities in San Francisco's rich history. A bohemian settlement erupted at the beach as writers, judges, and lady bicyclists arranged, combined, and even stacked old transit cars to create "Carville-by-the-Sea." This hardcover book contains 144 full-color pages with extensive footnotes. The lush design recalls an antique scrapbook with hundreds of rare images from libraries, archives and private collections.

San Francisco's West Portal Neighborhoods by Richard Brandi

West Portal Neighborhoods Book
by Richard Brandi
$19.99 + $5 shipping/handling

Get the book by Western Neighborhoods Project board member Richard Brandi, featuring over 128 pages of historical images and information on the West Portal, St. Francis Wood and Forest Hill neighborhoods. Richard has collected great photos and facts on the Twin Peaks Tunnel, local architecture, streetscapes, businesses and more in putting together this book.

Child on the Home Front by Robert Ross Talley

Child on the Home Front
by Robert Ross Talley
$19.99 + $5 shipping/handling

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area during World War II and the Korean War eras. Every good story should have elements of anxiety, suspense or mysetery, excitement, adventure, romance and comic relief. This book has all of the above. It doesn't get much more suspenseful than waiting and preparing for a possible enemy air raid or invasion at the beginning of World War II. Yet just because there was a war on didn't mean a kid into mischief... 8.5" x 5.5", 132 pages, illustrated - $19.99

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