Sutro Elementary School Fifth Grade - 1957

Thanks to Pamela (Slinkey) LaBounty for the photo!
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Sutro Fifth Grade, 1957

Teacher: Mrs. Anna Donohue - Room 13 - Grade L-5 - H-5. May 1, 1957.

Top Row, left to right: Fred Windisch, Steve Burt, Ruth Nazarchuk, Laurie Jamison, Jan Russell, Jill Guelph, Catherine Wright
2nd Row, left to right: Roderick Lee, Bruce Protto, Cathy Smaczniak, Judy Shifs, Rita Gentry, Sally Gregory, Mike Kirby, Pamela Slinkey
3rd Row, left to right: Barbara Rains, Judy Nance, Myra Livingston, Laura Lively, Katherine Krumze, Betty Dubuque, Marlene O'Malley, Diane Colvin
4th Row, left to right: Andrew Moothart, Gordon Kocher, Edmond Guiral, Jack Harvey, Edward Cardinal, Mike Mooney, Robert Padalino, Albert Sidwell.

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