Sutro Elementary School

Sutro School - 30 Dec 1919

Sutro Elementary School
235 12th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118

Over 100 years old, Sutro Elementary was torn down and rebuilt on an unfocused bungalow design (to better withstand earthquakes) in 1976. The current student enrollment is about 250.

"During World War I, Victory Gardens sprouted up all over town, including this one in the Sutro School on 13th Avenue."

Sutro School

Sutro School's old brick building was torn down in the 1970s for seismic safety, replaced by chocolate-colored cubes.

Class Photos

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Sutro Elementary School Fifth Grade - 1957

Sutro Elementary First Grade - 1969

Sutro Elementary Kindergarten - 1970

Sutro Elementary First Grade - 1970

Sutro Elementary Second Grade - 1970

Sutro Elementary Kindergarten - 1974

Sutro Elementary First-Third Grades - 1978

Sutro Elementary First-Second Grades - 1979

Sutro Elementary Fourth-Fifth Grade - 1982

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Images: 1) Sutro School, December 30, 1919. Courtesy of the San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library; 2) Sutro School Victory Garden, Circa 1917. (WNP collection. Possibly from the California State Library?); 3) Sutro School, 2001. (WNP photo).

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