West Portal Elementary School Safety Patrol - 1942

Thanks to Fred Laurice for the photo!
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West Portal Safety Patrol - 1942

Fred knew almost all the kids here. Can you provide the ones he can't remember? Let Us Know!

Back Row, left to right: ? Miland, Jim Fales, Herb Franklin, Jack Detlesson, Jack More
4th Row, left to right: Jack Cristhenson, Junior Kinsky, Lauren Locey, Bob Clark, Ian Crawford, (Unknown), Leland Zelinsky, Jim Breton, Bob Nagle
3rd Row, left to right: Bob Mordick, Frank Heffernan, Wayne Lowell, Keith Buck, Roger Singer, John Jess, John Lawton
2nd Row, left to right: Bill Banks, Stephen Diamont, Ken Leon, Leroy Eurfort, (Unknown), Gordon Raeside, Rodney Gibson, Charles Leonhardt
Front Row, left to right: Fred Laurice, Jack Donahue, Jack Williams, Donald Kegy, Bob Weikerly, Bob Newall

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