Your Market, My Deli, 1460 48th Avenue between Judah and Kirkham streets. November 2006 - WNP photo

Your Market (My Deli), 1460 48th Avenue

A market has stood at 1460-62 48th Avenue between Judah and Kirkham streets since at least 1915, when the outer Sunset was called "Oceanside" and people still lived in nearby cable cars. The store started on the SW corner of the lot and kept expanding over the years. In 1925 it was "Quality Market", owned by C.D. Bruecker.

Here are some memories of "Your Market, My Deli" from the WNP message board in November 2006:

"I know everbody remembers the most western of all the obscure grocery stores in the avenues: Your Market on 48th between Kirkham and Judah. It's still there. That is a very old market. Probably served up staples to earthquake refugees. When I was a kid I'd go there mainly because my friend, Jimmy Hoyer, live down the block from it and that was his home market. It was small, crowded and dank, even then it seemed old even for the 50's. Thinking about all those old grocery stores almost brings back the particular smell that each one had. The offactory process came into play whether you liked it or not when you entered the store. I shop at Albertson's now where most odors are sanitized."
---Tom Hughes

Ad from The Ocean Breeze, September 1925, page 3 for Quality Market on 48th Avenue - WNP collection

"...back in the 60's and early 70's it was owned by George and Mary Totah. I used to go there after skating at the San Francisco Ice Arena in the next block, and then a bit later, my best friend Diane and I used to shop there - because Diane lived on the block Then, Mary Totah died, I think in the early 70's and George remarried, but I don't remember his second wife's name - she worked in the market too. And, George and Mary's son Joe Totah worked there as well. When I was about 12 years old, George caught Diane and I stealing candy bars - he knew Diane's parents - and he threatened to tell Diane's parents - but we cried, and begged and pleaded, and George was a sweet old softie, and so, he never told."
---Karyn Ann Bosso

Your Market, My Deli, 1460 48th Avenue between Judah and Kirkham streets. November 2006 - WNP photo

"Back in the 70's when all the kids hung out at the ice skating rink on Friday/Saturday night we obtained all our beer from Your Market. They sold me a six pack on more than one occasion. I was 14 or 15 and looked it. Things were really loose in those days."

Pond Brothers Market 1462 48th Ave, 1951, 1951 - SFPL - Assessors Office Collection

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