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  • Podcast Episode 435: The Olympic Club

    Today, we know the Olympic Club as an exclusive, members-only golf course and host to major tournaments. Like many things in San Francisco with 100+ year history, there are stories of financial gymnastics, crimes, and inspiration. Plus listener mail and upcoming virtual and in-person events.
  • Podcast Episode 434: Photographers Watkins and Taber

    When viewing images on OpenSFHistory.org, you may notice some of most memorable photos of early San Francisco are credited to either Carleton Watkins or Isaiah West Taber. As competitors, they photographed notable sites in the City, including the West Side, and have a surprising connection with one another.
  • Podcast Episode 433: Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park

    The Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park has been THE event location for over a hundred years. After our June hiatus, Nicole and Michael return to tell the origin story and the major events that continue to be held there to this day. Anyone heard of Outside Lands?
  • Podcast Episode 340: The Trocadero in Stern Grove (Repodcast)

    The next time you visit or attend a concert at Stern Grove, take a short walk over to the Trocadero Clubhouse. In this week's repodcast, we learn how the Trocadero was happening hot spot, dating back to the early 1900s.
  • Podcast Episode 324: Assessor Recorder (Repodcast)

    Residents of San Francisco have a wonderful resource for discovering the history of their home. In this repodcast, then SF City Assessor, Carmen Chu joins the POD to discuss the photos and historical records available to the public, and an exciting project with the library.

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