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  • Podcast Episode 401: Billington Brothers Photography

    The Billington Brothers are the photographers behind many of the images seen on OpenSFHistory.org around the Cliff House, Sutro Baths, and Land's End. Special guest John Freeman joins the Pod to tell us how the brothers transformed themselves after arriving in San Francisco.
  • Podcast Episode 400: Children's Hospital

    Known by different names and in different locations, Children's Hospital has served San Francisco since the 1880s. And the journey continues to this day.
  • Podcast Episode 399: Richmond District WPA Playgrounds

    In the 1930s, the Works Progress Administration constructed a variety of projects in San Francisco that endure to this day. This week, we shake the sand out of our shoes and explore our favorite WPA-era built playgrounds in the Richmond.
  • Podcast Episode 398: Willie Mays on the West Side

    Willie Mays is a baseball icon. Already a superstar with the New York Giants when they moved to San Francisco, Willie and his wife, Marghuerite, found a brand new home near Mt. Davidson, only to be denied purchase because they were African American - but ultimately prevailed.
  • Podcast Episode 397: Little Sisters of the Poor

    Listener request fulfilled! Little Sisters of the Poor have been providing comfort to less fortunate San Franciscans for over a hundred years. Their beautiful Lake Street building survived the 1906 Earthquake & Fire, but where is it today?
Golden Gate Park 150 Years

Western Neighborhoods Project is a proud partner with San Francisco Recreation and Parks and San Francisco Parks Alliance in the Golden Gate Park 150th Anniversary Celebration throughout 2020.

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