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22nd & Taraval Market

Largest Market in Parkside District Opens Friday
Pacific News, December 1, 1938

On Friday morning, December 2 1938, many residents of the Parkside District will enjoy the facilities offered by the newest and most complete market in San Francisco.

The new 22nd & Taraval Market has been built after a careful study of food merchandising and the entire plan is to serve the public conveniently---so the buyer may select the foods preferred---with ease and comfort and quick service.

The owners of the various departments have had years of experience in their field and it is with great pleasure and pride that they can now serve the housewives of the Parkside.

Images: 1) 22nd & Taraval Market, 1201 Taraval Street, December 1938; 2) Walgreens, October 2006.

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