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Mayor Rolph pilots the first N-Judah car, October 21, 1928. -

N Judah Streetcar Line

Service Begun: October 21, 1928

Route: From Ferries to Judah Street and the Great Highway via Market Street, Duboce Street, through the Sunset Tunnel, Carl Street, Arguello (very briefly), Irving Street, 9th Avenue and Judah Street.

In recent years the route has been extended on the east side to serving the south embarcadero all the way to the CalTrain station at 4th Street and Townsend. When the T-line opened in 2007, the N-Judah cars resumed stopping at Embarcadero.

Thomas Mulcahy remembers the first day on the N-Judah:

"Based on the date I was seven years old. My father was always active in Sunset [District] activities. We were able to ride on the first car from 7th and Irving to 10th and Judah (close guess). The mayor Jimmy Rolph was the motorman. He was in a white suit with white boots and a white hat and put on a show for everyone. Years later, when I was going to Cal and had to commute to Berkeley it was my early morning ride down to the 2nd and Mission depot to catch the bridge train." - October 5, 2007.

N-Judah photos

Sources: John Coll; Inside Muni, John McKane and Anthony Perles, Interurban Press, 1982.

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