07/21/07 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso
In regards to the following - which was posted on the WNP's front page today:

Sunset Has the Best Weather
From a neighborhood newspaper of 1899:

"Our Climate
"Whatever may be said about the climate of San Francisco, one thing is certain[:] that Sunset District enjoys the best there is in that direction on this peninsula.

"Now, there is a sort of pre-conceived idea among our down-town people that this section is a special rendezvous for that itenerant [sic] sea coast visitor, the king of fog.

"Nothing can be farther from the truth, and every close observer of climactic conditions in San Francisco, will beat us out in the assertion. While we have occasional sweeps of fog through Sunset---fresh,sparkling fogs, impregnated with the life-giving salt of the ocean---the real fog belt lies beyond the Park, along the stream and Presidio hills, sweeping athwart North Beach and into the city."
(2007-07-18"The Sunset Breeze", January 7, 1899. - California State Library)

All I can say is whoever wrote that, way back in 1899, had obviously kissed the Blarney Stone once too often!! WOW - what a lot of spin!! As we all know - the Sunset District is very foggy much of the time. I guess that the above paragraph was written by someone who was really trying to sell people on building homes out here!! Aparently, somebody believed him! Hmmm..."fresh, sparkling fogs" - ha ha ha! As much as I love it out here in the Sunset, one has to admit that our summers are generally windy and foggy with the sun only coming out right before it sets. Gee, I wonder if that's why they call it the Sunset - LOL!
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