10/30/02 - posted by Sean
Does anyone have the recipe for Herb's Deli's meatball sandwich that was only served on Thursdays? Herb's was located on Taraval between 31st and 32nd Ave. It is by far, the best Meatball Sandwich (wrapped in paper towels!) this side of Italy. When Herb's closed (bought out by evil condo buliders who haven't built anything since as Herb's still sits empty)the recipe was for sale for $50. I don't know anyone who bought it. On Thursdays, the whole Sunset would show up, from Great Highway, to SI, to Lincoln, to the cops at the Taraval Station, even Muni streetcar drivers who would stop the LRV in the middle of the street to get lunch. This meatball sandwich was the single most culinary delight of The Sunset. Even KTVU Channel 2 sent a reporter out to cover the last day Herb's served a meatball sandwich a few years ago. Great sandwich.
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