09/07/07 - posted by Judy H
Regarding Kathryn's comment on the runaway sheep, that may have been the year I participated in what was called the "Living Nativity." I may have written about this before on this board. The Living Nativity was sponsored by a number of churches; I thought it was just us Lutherans doing it but my sister thinks other denominations also supported it. The churches would take turns providing the "cast" and for our church it was comprised of us Walther Leaguers (teenagers) with one of our teachers from the church school as chaperone. Thanks goodness we were far away from the road so people couldn't hear the giggling. I think I participated in 1967, which would have made me just shy of 14, and played a wise man! It was our teacher, playing a shepherd, who lost control of the sheep. There was a real shepherd there as well who probably was none too pleased with the whole thing.
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