Re: Mother Larke's Doll House

02/15/18 - posted by Carla McKinney

Mother Larke assembled the rooms from more than 25,000 fine miniatures collected from around the world. They were first displayed at the California Pacific International Exposition of 1935 in San Diego and listed as the Lilliput Castle, and later delighted thousands who visited San Francisco’s Cliff House, where they were exhibited until the 1970s. 12 rooms, which had been purchased by a single buyer in the 70's, were auctioned at Michaan's Auction house in Alameda in late 2016. Many of these rooms were purchased by a single buyer in Alameda, who subsequently auctioned them off by the piece on E-Bay. Mother Larke has always hoped that her dollhouse would eventually go to benefit children's programs in San Francisco. Sadly, they never did. Now most pieces have been scattered around the country, purchased by eager collectors. I admit I have several of these pieces in my collection now.

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