05/08/09 - posted by Marilyn Cappa
Bruno Cappa was my father-in-law and I knew him many years before I ever met my husband. Bruno's was the neighborhood hangout for both the young and old. My mother went to Bruno's during World War II and everyone knew him. My Mother-in-law also worked there but kept in the background. One of his most interesting stories was that during election years he would post a sign in the window, COFFEE, DEMOCRATS - 5 cents
REPUBLICANS - 10 cents
This earned him a mention in Herb Caen's column and our family has a picture of Bruno standing next to this sign. Carlos Santana was a friend of Bruno's before he hit it big and gave him a copy of his first record. John Burton used to come in for lunch many times with his daughter. Bruno was a friend to all but could also give out unwanted advice. Many times after yelling at someone to get a job and feed his family, the guy would leave with a huge bag of free food. Although there were only a stools at a long counter, Bruno's served breakfast, lunch and dinner. Curly french fries were one of his specialties long before they became popular, He made his own doughnuts, had great banana splits, and everything was freshly made. Many neighborhood people ate there almost every day especially the widowers and single people. Bruno was truly a unique individual and quite a character.
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