Lost Station in Twin Peaks Tunnel

08/05/08 - posted by Nick & Tanya S

Just recently when we took MUNI into downtown I remembered and saw something that triggered a vivid childhood memory. When the underground was finally opened in the late 1970s/early 80s I remember being fascinated with what appeared to be an abandoned station right before the Castro exit from the tunnel. For years when riding the MUNI I would see the staircase that led up into darkness, the old tile work and even a couple of old benches. It looked a bit like a smaller version of Forest Hill but it just seemed that someone had switched the lights off and left it there.

Years later it was graffitied and now it just looks like a whitewashed and sealed off utilitarian section of the tunnel.

Any clues as to what this section of the tunnel was? What was it called and where did those mysterious stairs lead to?

Perhaps my memories are fueled by my vivid childhood imagination but I swear I saw it.

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