03/05/13 - posted by Tom
Talking about lost places in the streetcar tunnel...

During the building of the tunnel they broke through into a natural cavern just about half way through the hill.

At some point the City and County of SF decided this would be a good storage site for archiving some city records. The story goes that late at night after streetcar service shut down boxes of records from city hall were loaded into iron monsters and taken midpoint in the tunnel and stored in the cleaned up cavern for safe keeping.

Apparently this worked well for a number of years until someone got into the cavern and set them on fire.

After the event the city cleaned up the cavern and filled it with gravel. I imagine when they rebuilt the tunnel for MUNI metro service in the (70's?) They cenmented over the cavern entrance, but maybe not...

I wonder if the tunnel has other secrets to hide?

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