08/06/08 - posted by Paul Rosenberg
You are referring to the old Eureka station that breathed its last in, I think, 1972 when the laying of the Market Street subway construction reached Market and Castro. The old Market Street streetcars instead of running down Market and into the tunnel at Castro were diverted down Church and 17th and into a new tunnel entrance. That construction is documented in a classic photo of a PCC streetcar with a NELDER FOR SUPERVISOR sign over the temporary wooden trestle into the temporary portal. (Al Nelder ran for supervisor only in 1973. He would have run for re-election in 1977 but that year we switched from at large election to district election and he chose not to compete with Dr. Dolson becoming his district supervisor. Three years later upon repeal of district election, his daughter began her ten year stint on the board, but I digress. But, to continue, Wendy Nelder's daughter Amy is the only San Franciscan who can claim two grandfathers, Al Nelder and Harold Dobbs, as members of the board of supervisors.) Upon resumption of rail service in the tunnel, the Eureka station was abandoned, and the four stairways to the station - two on Eureka and two on Douglass - were sealed.

Some years ago, the Market Street Railway organization suggested to the San Francisco Film Board that the abandoned and graffiti laden Eureka Station and the retained 17th Street tracks with historic street cars could be used for some '40s or '50s themed nior film. That's still a possibility.
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