01/03/09 - posted by John O'Malley
Have any of you seen the shipwreck of the 36 foot Sail boat at Ocean Beach around Rivera street. It's the talk of the Sunset/Parkside right now. I was there a few days ago and it was a circus with 30 or 40 people surrounding the boat at all times all afternoon. People have been tearing it up and going through it like scavengers who think they are going to find a treasure. The cabin is a mess and a window has been broken. It looks a little worse every day. Someone said they think she was a drug runner. No one seems to know much about it except that there were four people who barely escaped with their lives at high tide on a dark foggy night last week.

They even have a web site with photos of the ship whose name is Sherry Mae. Here is a web site with a photo of it. There are lots more at the web site.

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