01/04/09 - posted by John Martini
The current thread where folks have been listing their Outside Lands' schools got me to reminiscing about the old St. Ignatius building on Stanyan Street, back in the days before 1970 when the place was still a high school (I can't stand the term 'college prep').

Back then, S.I. looked like a proper Catholic high school -- a weathered concrete warehouse with a few crucifixes along the parapet. The building's interior decor was dominated by oiled woodwork, creepy translucent glass door lights, and walls painted sea foam green. God help any student who wasn't totally ambulatory; the school was four stories tall with nary a ramp or elevator in sight. And don't get me started on its lack of amenities like a swimming pool, theater, tennis courts, stadium, locker rooms, or (good lord) parking.

Here are links to a few photos of the old school S.I. from the wonderful SFPL historical photo collection. Maybe others would like to post links to their alma maters?





(Thanks for the inspiration, Frank D!)

-John Martini

Olympia School, Westlake, 1956
Our Lady of Mercy, 1957-1965
St. Ignatius High, 1965-1969
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