• 02/15/09 W. M. - posted by Remembering 1977 on Taraval & 46th Ave

02/15/09 - posted by Remembering 1977 on Taraval & 46th Ave
Having a little free time today, I was searching online for verification of some memories I have while growing up and I came across the following disturbing event:

"In April 1977, the National Socialist White Workers Party opened a bookstore at 3608 Taraval Street in San Francisco, California. According to newspaper reports a group of 50 survivors of Hitler's death camps attacked the store with hatchets and crowbars destroying its inventory."
(see the entire article at http://www.hrb.at/fabian-suske/)

I remember well that bookstore opening and knew a couple of my friend's fathers who were "in" on the destruction of the store. As I recall it was only opened for a day or two, but old memories DO fail occasionally. Anyway it seems to be a historic enough Sunset district event to post here. Anyone out there with other facts or clearer memories about this?
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