Re: Great Highway Drag racing

02/19/03 - posted by rick

From what Iíve been told the drag racing at the great highway started in the fifties and ended when the federal government took jurisdiction over the golden gate national recreation area in the early eighties.
I recall many fri-sat nights in the mid 70s the parking lot would be packed with kids hanging out, drinking beer and watching the races. The SFPD would roll by and tell everyone to leave but most of us would just return after about 20 mins or so.
When the feds took over they changed the configuration of the roadway so that the parking lot area was much smaller and the U.S park police started citing people for vehicle code violations.
They also begin to cite people if they caught them with pot or open containers (beer). I think the fines were pretty steep (about 100.00 $) for those days.
The SFPD were pretty laid back about things but once Uncle Sam took over things changed very quickly.

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