Re: Great Highway Drag racing

12/22/13 - posted by david a

In the mid 50's some of us Richmond rats living close to the beach, would pack the ends of the Great Highway(those days they were called the pits.Between the pits, there was an unobstructed stretch of road un encumbered by any access by police because of the ice plant and sand median and the ocean beach on the other. Races were planned and phalanxes were formed with the rows of racers in front and the rest of the onlookers taking up the rear to form a protective wall behind the racers. We would then gather at the other end pits, and do it all over again until the wee hours.. Occasionally a rail job with flashlights on the front would come down for a spectacular display of speed. then hustle it on a trailer and beat it outta there. The winners and losers would retire to the main hangs at Mel's diner on Geary. Deep dish berry pie was by far the favorite celebration or wound licking finish to the evening.

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