Re: Great Highway Drag racing

02/08/20 - posted by Rodney Malcolm

Absolutely there was drag racing at the Great Highway probably 40 years ago it would also drag race down Brotherhood way until somebody went off into the lake I can remember partying there on the weekends one night still Vivid in my memory what is the San Francisco police raid they brought in several Municipal Railway buses and arrested a whole lot of people I can remember locals from all over the city it would gather there late night weekends guys would uncap their headers and racing was on I can remember they would pour bleach under the tires to make them smoke better sometimes the cops would go through there everybody would leave and go 2 Carroll Street out in the Potrero and then for a while it stop then you would hear Through the Grapevine that's it would be racing the guys from Hunters Point on cargo I have a lot of memories of those days don't know whatever happened don't know if guy still do this or not but ever since the Fast and the Furious lot of that drifting going on

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