10/09/09 - posted by Cliff Harrington
Hello Woody!

I've been pondering your action relative to your elimination, last march, of the less than happy postings about Homewood Terrace. It is too bad that one individual, who was not an alum of "HT" got his feelings hurt, but......... I do have one question regarding your statement, "Naming names makes things a bit dicey as to our organization's liability, etc.". Due to the fact that it's been over fifty years since the alleged occurrences took place; how could any of the erased postings make things dicey or affect your liability? Is it a matter of slander? It shouldn't be, because slander has to do with utterances of falsehoods which would cause great harm to a person's reputation, personal or professional. Statements of fact, on the other hand, which can be proven as fact, cannot be deemed to be slanderous. Was it really a matter of trying to maintain a "happy face" regarding some of the history of some of the Western Neighborhoods? Also, I would think that most of the folks that went to that portion of your site, concerning Homewood Terrace, were alumni. I'm really just curious, my friend. Don't mean to stir the pot. I think that your site is terrific. I love reading the various stories, and I get a hoot out of looking at the various pics. You're doing a great job, and a you're providing a valuable service in preserving the history of the Western Neighborhoods. I just wish that you could preserve all of the history, both good and bad.

My postings were written in the spirit of good will, as well as my trying to maintain a little bit of history without a revisionist slant. One's childhood memories are important, both the good and the bad.

Those HT alumni who are in contact with one another are consider themselves brothers and sisters. Matter of fact, some of the alum's spouses have stated that we exhibit those traits incidental to war veterans, rather than childhood companions, with the associated closeness that goes with those experiences. I am one of the alumni that is in contact with others. I do feel as close to them as I do to my fellow war veterans. Adversity does bond souls, one to another. Those bonds bring healing and peace, (of a sort). No bitterness here, Woody. Only a wish for a better and more gentle world.

Thanks, Woody. Keep up the great work. I'd like to meet you one of these days, as well as some of the others in your organization. Would it be possible to drop in on one of your meetings, even though I'm not a member?

Cliff Harrington
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