02/04/23 - posted by Vic World
Hey John,

I too mourned greatly the loss of Frank back then. We were room mates around '68-'69 at 148 6th Ave.

Six kids lived there, Mrs. Corey, Cooper, Richard Alexander, & Tony were the houseparents. Fanie Mae of course! We later moved on to 8th Ave./Balboa, then Homewood's house on 11th Ave. & Balboa, with Mrs. Mueller (Dorothy), her husband Hosh (Hashimoto), & Pat Liteky as houseparents.

Frank and I were always good friends, in fact we moved into an apartment on Army St. above Castro a couple yrs. after Homewood.The place had a view!, & swimming pool...although we both were too busy cooking (at the job he got me) at Zim's...I guess that was about 1973.

We both moved on, I moved to Westlake in 1976, and I will never forget, I had a business flight to Las Vegas, leaving in 2 hrs., rushing around to get packed.

The doorbell rang, and it was Frank standing at the door. I told him "Can we connect next week, I'm running to the airport?"...

A couple months later I heard he had passed. I was remorse, shocked, and saddened deeply, to lose such a good & giving spirit that meant NO harm to anyone. I also remember all thru the years his extremely painful suffering due to colitis.

There are a lots of kids in Homewood we would both remember...a couple were bullies, true...most were great.

Yeah, the two Homewood girl's homes I remember we visited were Anza Vista, and Funston....586?.(nr. Balboa)...memorable times.
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