10/09/09 - posted by jb
Hi Cliff,

The posts concerning HWT are, for me, a very welcome part of the history of OMI and I am always moved when reading them; I especially find it touching when former residents can reconnect and reunite.

In re-reading Woody's opening comments in this chain, I believe he is spot-on in redirecting personal attacks, no matter how valid, to another on-line community, in this case FaceBook, where these are perhaps more appropriate and more importantly, you may get more healing feedback and support.

WNP being a non-profit is subject to some very defined rules usually spelled out in their Mission Statement and I believe making personal accusations against others, would not be a part of this.

I strongly encourage you and others with knowledge about HWT, either first hand or annecdotal, to continue posting here; you open up what is a mystery to many of us. I know, from personal experience, the importance of telling your story and having it be heard. Please know you have been heard here.

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