Cliff House Bell

03/20/09 - posted by Judy H - hitzjm<at>

I am trying to find out about a bell that was outside the Cliff House and was removed prior to its recent renovation. I was told that years ago the bell was located just outside the building, adjacent to the door that led to the bar. I do not remember it myself.

The bell is marked ďGlobe Brass and Bell Foundry Works SF 1893...N.C. Whyte & L. De Rome."

Iíve already tapped the John Martini Well-o-Knowledge and he does not know anything specific about it. His speculation was that it may have had something to do with a display of ship models and nautical artifacts next to the Cliff House.

I found this history of the foundry:

Iím hoping that some of you remember this bell, how it got there and what significance it had.

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