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04/11/09 - posted by shawn parker
june 28th 1966

yesterday was the day of tom's first real baseball game at big rec -his team, the park presidio optimists lost to the wells fargo kids by the ignomninous score of 36-1 tommy walked once hit a center grounder the next time and flied out the 3rd time as t says he looks so poised and professional in his uniform (he is all of 9) -- the danger of becoming a baseball mama the wells fargo kids were all in 5th grade and up

friday we saw an ad in the chronicle for a san carlos nursery sale so down the peninsula we went via crystal springs lake and woodside and getting several plants all of 5 bucks enroute we stopped in princeton and bought abalone and crabs friday i spotted the esquire we did not get in the santa rosa market it had an article on trumand compote and one on him by barbara long truman gives her advise on writing and men suggest she keep a journal for a year tom has taken the boys to the beach
at the hillsdale emporium on friday we stopped to take in farmner market -what a disappointment this place was high priced

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