07/23/09 - posted by John Paul
I also rode the MUNI back and forth to grammer and high school in the 50's and 60's without a hitch. I do remember an accident between a VW Beetle and a #16 Noriega at the intersection of 22nd and Moraga. The driver of a VW Beetle travelling West on Moraga blew through the intersection without looking. It was 1958 and it stands out in my mind because the only damage to the old White MUNI Coach was some Tan VW paint transfered to the front bumper. The VW lost its right front fender and most of it's front end. The driver of the VW was taken away in a big white city ambulance. The MUNI bus threw the VW about 100 ft. down the middle 22nd Ave.

As a kid this was my first upclose look at a VW and the discovery that the engine was in the back just like the White Bus. I also remember seeing the Gas Tank with about a 6 inch cap under the crumpled hood of the VW. My dad used to say that 'those things are real death traps'. No one on the MUNI Bus was hurt.
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