07/25/09 - posted by Judy H
Hi John, I'm happy to share what I know. As you said, the Aquatic Park Bathhouse is already open and well worth a visit to see the murals in all their glory. I love this building and think it's great, and somewhat ironic, that people can now see all the artwork without exhibits in the way!

We'll be moving our two Bufano statues back to the veranda in the near future, but do not expect to see exhibits for at least 2 - 3 years.

The park exhibit staff is currently concentrating on the buildout of the back half of the visitor center at Jefferson and Hyde Streets. This will probably be done by the end of the year. Planning for the new exhibits in the Bathhouse will commence after that. From just general dicussion around the park, they will probably be quite different. The old Steamship Room may be recreated on a smaller scale, or may not. That room itself, officially called the "Prismatarium" has a color wheel painted on the ceiling which most people probably did not realize when it was crowded with ship models.

To tie this to the WNP, I was once in this room having an informal discussion with our exhibits curator when an older gentleman, who was with a small group of men studying the ship models and making notes, came over to me and asked "Did you go to George Washington High School?" I was taken aback but then took a good look at him and said "Mr. Feldman???" Yup, it was my old ceramics teacher from my senior year, 1970/71. He said he never forgot a face. Evidently not.
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