07/23/09 - posted by jb
Just a thanks to John Paul, Leif and Frank for setting me on the right track. I'd swear I saw some green/yellow Muni cars down on Market around the holidays but it may have just been due to some good cheer (not to be confused with blue cheer from the Merry Prankster's bus)

Yes, I'd not experienced any "accidents" over the years on Muni save for the fare-waving that was rampant for selected friends of the drivers during the 80's; thus the two recent events have me a bit cautious. Personally, I abore cell phones and may be one of the few persons on the planet not to have one. Recent studies suggest using one while driving is the same as driving under the influence and/or giving one the reaction time of a 75 year-old. Now I know lots of folks that age who are pretty good drivers; they just can't turn their necks as far as they once could. Come to think of it, I'm getting a bit stiff-necked as the seconds tick onward. Must be due to a time-warp whiplash...NOte to self: call Dewey, Chetum & Howe and sue the Timex Watch Co. Probably a day late and a tort short.

What will be interesting to follow is the pack of lawyers who are starting to swim up Ulloa with not much Aloha for the City. Suprisingly, Gavin has been pretty tight-lipped on this issue so far. Maybe his team put a govenor on his mouth. Let's hope everyone keeps Alexy's parking tip on the QT or else I'll be back riding the Muni when I take my sister to re-Tut in September. Yeah, I'd pay to see it twice if the parking is thrown in for free.

Thanks Yooz Guys,
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