08/23/09 - posted by jb
Harken those days when "off-center" films were found in off-center locations, their destination always adding an air of mystery, sophistication and at times, romance. I recall the Italian films were extra-sexy and the French films a bit subversive. Unlike Paul, the only Japanese films I enjoyed back then were radioactive: "Rashomon" and "Woman in the Dunes" were way out of my minor-league highschool mentality.

Going to see a foreign film was an entirely different feeling than catching the streetcar downtown to watch a mainstream first-run feature at the Paramount, UA or Loews Warfield. I recall seeing Georgie Girl at the Bridge and enjoyed it until the radio beat the bejezus out of the theme song. John's mention of the Coffee Cantata reminds me that it was once possible to get a parking place on Union St.

Next time it rains, rent "Cinema Paradiso." Make some popcorn with real butter and a cappuccino...sand fleas optional. It the distance, hear the Surf.
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