08/23/09 - posted by Paul Judge
In my childhood and youth I frequented all the 2nd run theaters in the Richmond like yourself Mary-Ann, and occasionally the Coronet where 51 years ago I saw Around the World in Eighty Days and last warmed a seat there in August of 2001 to view “Apocalypse Now Redux” (Curious, but I thought Coppola should have left well enough alone.)

I have to admit jb that back in those days my reach with some of those artsy-fartsy foreign and art films at the Surf and the Bridge often exceeded my grasp of their message and subtlety. I was still good for a red meat Steve McQueen or Lee Marvin film. Those radiation inspired 1950 & 60’s Japanese Sci-Fi films that we took as goofy were placed in the same category as those funny looking motorcycles and automobiles that began showing up in magazine and newspaper ads and then on the streets around town or attempting to peel rubber on the Great Highway. I heard said that the Japanese automotive industry was inspired by the redundant engineering that NASA built into the Apollo - Moon mission program and that they applied what they saw to producing well engineered cars. I’ve been driving the same Toyota station wagon with 260,000 miles on it since ‘83 and I still enjoy trolling the old movie channels for a good film to pass the time. Pass that popcorn and call me ‘Retread’.
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