08/23/09 - posted by Shirley Krohn
Ah yes, the Sunset Theatre. My girlfriend and I used to go to the Sunset for the Saturday matinee. We would sit through one cartoon after another (this was in the late 40's) before watching a serial then the main feature which was usually a western. We would purchase a package of red hots (remember them?) and put half a package each in our mouths and think this was so funny, we would end up spitting them out on the theatre floor. What brats! I later (early 50's) worked as an usher and worked behind the candy counter. Wage? Not sure, but it could have been $.25/hr. I must have seen the movie Marco Polo a hundred times! Did not go to the theatre after it became an art house cinema with a cafe next door. I remember the Busy Bee Market on the corner that my mother walked to every single day to purchase ingredients for dinner. Then there was Sunset Poultry across the street. Remember the smell? Yuk! Thanks for bringing up my first employer!
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