09/25/09 - posted by James O. Clifford
I'm trying to gather information on the once heralded San Francisco emergency hospital and ambulance service, all tax supported but free of charge.Would make interesting reading with health care a huge item. San Francisco, at one time, really was the city "that knows how."
Back in the early '50s, my dad cut his thumb on a buzz saw. He was taken by car to one of the hospitals, I think it was on Alemany, stiched up and sent home. I remember seeing big white buses in the city. Records show the city operated 12 buses in 1953. I also recall the hospital at Kezar. There are some postings about that facility.
I can't find anything on the net. I've pitched this to a writer at the Chronicle, but he reacted as if I was attacking the current system. I think we'd do a public service if we did something on a chapter of city history that most people seem to have forgotten.

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