10/11/09 - posted by Paul Judge
The deluge of rain promised in the coming days by the National Weather Service keeps me grounded around home today cleaning the roof gutters and covering the firewood. Otherwise, I’d be down at Speedway Meadows gawking with the rest of the human race at the thousand plus collection of things automotive and their admirers attending Jimmy’s 21st Car Picnic.
Catch a few photos here:


For those of you in the 415 or adjacent Area Codes, go check it out. The clouds have grounded the Fleet Week Airshow so you may as well put your shoes on the ground and kick through the gopher mounds of Golden Gate Park. It is a true heavy metal gathering. Read how Carl Nolte put it in this morning's Chronicle:
Car culture, pre-1972, gets a picnic in S.F.
Carl Nolte Sunday, October 11, 2009 Read more:

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