10/16/09 - posted by jb
Nice 1 minute at Jimmy's picnic. (Woody)3 {def:Woody with a woody for a woody} is a tough hand to beat; however for me, that rare glimps of the blue 64 Cobra is a heartstopper. I recall seeing one on the show room floor of S&C Ford when my mom, on a very lean budget, scored a Galaxy 500. I tried to talk her into coming up with $2K more and buy the Shelby but alas, she could never realize my long-term vision of what these respective cars would be worth some day. Can't imagine why my mom wouldn't listen to a 13 year old kid, especially her own. And we'd have had to print the additional $2K, but she could have been the toast of Westlake, bringing home the weekly groceries in the single passenger seat, topless in the fog cruising at 125 mph. And in 25 years, these cars became worth more than a home in Cow Hollow.

Like that girl we only see for an instant and remember for the rest of our lives, that blue Cobra roars in the recesses of my heart..."ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind."

Donovan maybe was high on a peel; however, his prediction about cars proved to be correct...
Electrical banana
Is gonna be a sudden craze
Electrical Banana
Is bound to be the very next phase.
Seems I did see a yellow Prius the other day.

All wet in our Red Corvette,
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