10/19/09 - posted by Paul Rosenberg
Thanksgiving will be the final service at the Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist. The building at 300 Funston Avenue at Clement will pass to new uses afterward. It will become a digital archive.

Sunday services are at ten o'clock in the morning and last an hour. The acoustics are excellent and the services feature well known organist Brian Swager (he performed the weekend of October 17-18 at the four o'clock concerts at the Legion of Honor) and a splendid vocal soloist. If you want a last chance to visit this magnificent sanctuary, go a bit early to enjoy the organ prelude.

The Internet Archive, a nonprofit that was created to build an Internet library, has purchased the church. The price for the 23,000-square-foot building opened in 1923 was not disclosed, but market sources put the number at about $4.5 million. The new owners must retain the auditorium without too much change as the land is zoned for a church and the new owner must keep the building in such shape that it may be returned to its zoned use in the future.

Do take advantage of a visit to this Richmond District institution that has been around for 86 years.
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