01/26/10 - posted by Thomas Biagi
My cousin go in touch with me about a photo I sent him of
a store on Taravel at 22nd Ave. that his dad worked in as
a butcher. I can't find the site I took it from. He also informed me that his dad worked at a butcher shop on West Portal across from the Empire theater. The Taravel photo was from the 20's or 30's when the area was just opening up
after the Muni tunnel opened up that area. I am a former
Muni operator who worked on all the Muni Streetcar lines.
I remembered my uncle telling me about starting out at that
butcher shop on Taravel. Can you provide me with any photos
of the above. My cousin has researched his family roots, getting pictures of most of the houses his family lived in
in San Francisco back into the early 1900's. I used to see
photos in many of the shops of West Portal when I walked
around the area when I started on the Muni in the late
60's. I've always been interested in the city I grew up in
and my memories of Playland and Sutro's and many other
places I enjoyed in my youth. I'm associated with the Market
Street Railway and was a motorman/conductor on the Historic
streetcar festival during the 80's. It was always special
operating an old Muni streetcar in the neighboorhood and
seeing the older folks remembering what it was like getting
around the city in their youth. thanks tom biagi
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