03/17/10 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
Hey John...Actually, we had a fair Italian representation. But about half (again) of those kids had Italian dads and Irish moms. We also had a sprinkling of Germans, a charming little girl whose mom and dad hailed from Puerto Rico, one child of French extraction and another child who had one parent from the Phillippines.

And, in honor of that great Irish group, The Clancy Brothers, I reiterate here one of the Irish childhood rhyming chants they recorded:

"Up the long ladder, and down the short rope,
To Hell with King Billy and God bless the Pope.
If that doesn't do, we'll tear 'em in two,
And send 'em to Hell with their Red, White and Blue."

Referring, of course, to the conflicts with the English, and the hanging of Irish Patriots (as set forth in the first line).

The only other one I remember is:
"Ahem! Ahem!
Me mother has gone ta church.
She told me not to play with you
Because yer in tha dirt.
It isn't because yer dirty.
It isn't because yer clean.
It's because ya got ta whoopin'cough,
And eat margerine."

Thanks everyone! Come back for our second show at 11!!"
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