06/21/10 - posted by jb
Don't ask me why but every father's day I can't get the scent of Old Spice out of my olfactory memory when actually, it is Suave shampoo and gin that are the fragrances I associate most with my dad. Yes, for me, a martini is a walk down memory lane and it unwinds like the yellow brick road with all its wonder and horror.

The Old Spice is my bachelor Uncle Tom for whom we always pooled our allowances and bought a gift for father's day. And it always was a new bottle of Old Spice from the Crown Drug at the Westlake Shopping Center. When he passed and I cleaned out his room, he had 4 bottles, near full, under his bathroom sink.

Both my uncles, Tom and Lester, helped my dad raise me through a holy trinity of brotherhood; my dad gave me boxing, pool and manners; Uncle Tom gave me baseball, buccaneers and independence; Uncle Les' gifts were food, toilet humor and golf. Not frankincense and myrrh, are these; however, invaluable presents to be sure. Would they like the man I am today?...I like to think so, as he'd be familiar to each of them in many ways.

And what gifts did you (or do you still) exchange with your father?

Cheers in the white trunks,
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