05/21/15 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut
A rather young Gary Owens was a DJ on KEWB, before he moved to LA. I recognized his voice on radio commercials, then he was part of the Laugh In TV show.

Al Collins also was with KSFO, and had a TV show, too. The TV show was on at the same time as Don Sherwood's radio show. He would arrive at KSFO just in time (9am) to follow Sherwood. Al Collins also moved to LA. I recognized his voice on radio commercials, but I guess he became an LA personality since I did not see him on TV ever again, and I did not hear him anymore very shortly thereafter.

Chris Borden was another KEWB personality, who had a radio announcing school. His wife, Lynn, was an actress. He sold his business and also moved to LA after Lynn landed a permanent, good role in the Dennis The Menace TV series.

Ernie Ford was the opposite: He moved to The City with his TV show, often highlighting various SF subjects for several years.

Aaron Edwards was delightful. In a "profession" filled with insecure ego maniacs, he proved that nice guys *don't* always finish last.
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