11/14/09 - posted by John Plato
Great Nostalgia.
I worked at the Parkside Theatre beginning in April of 1957 following the devastating earthquake in March. I was a senior at Lincoln High School and was a third generation San Franciscan living on 26th Avenue. My first job was helping to clean up the theatre after the earthquake. What a mess. Then when the Theatre reopened I started as an usher then moving on to doorman (98 cents/hour) and finally assistant manager until February 1963. During that period I occasionally worked at the Fox theatre as well – both belonged to the Fox West Coast Theatre chain based in LA.
When I left in February it was to get married to my sweetheart – Carol Yelton -- a theatre cashier that worked for me.
The kid that always caused a commotion was named Nicky – not Denny. His mom would drop him off for the Saturday matinees and one of the usherettes would look after him while he was in the theatre. He was nearly incomprehensible but the staff always knew when somebody was sitting in “his” seat.
I now live in New Jersey and several years ago while in SF on business I took a ride around the old neighborhood and was dismayed to find a condo in place of my cherished memories.
John Plato
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