02/04/09 - posted by Sitton
We went to the Saturday matinees almost every week. I don't remember paying with bottle caps, but it was cheap. No more than 20 cents. I only remember watching westerns, even Roy Rodgers. It was in black and white. Loved the horses, and watching the stagecoaches and wagons wheels spin backwards.
At intermission the moderator drew ticket stubs for prizes.
I remember I won a package of snails once. People hate it when I call Danishes that. We sat on the main floor, but I remember the balcony above. I remember the red drapes. I think the seats were red leather. I remember the lobby, and the things to buy, popcorn, or course. I remember feeling the rumble every time the L car rolled by. Then coming out of the dark theatre into the daylight was blinding, and finding things to do outside for the rest of the day.The Parkside theatre I remember was the old fashioned one. I returned often to the area, but when it changed I preferred to ignore the changes.
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