10/19/04 - posted by Dennis O'Rorke
In the early sixties I lived in a little cottage in the back of a set of flats just west of the liquor store and right across the street from the Sunset Bar , which was a "Womans Bar" at the time. It was just west of the Surf, which used to show a lot of John Cassavettes films as well as other avant garde films such as "The 400 Blows". The Ice Skating rink was still operating at the time. Bill Hickey made surf boards down the street and around the corner. Does anyone else remember the horse stables that were there at the time? I think they were on the north side of either 46th. or 47th. Ave between Irving and Judah. With the exception of the Surf and the bar everything seemed to close up by about 8pm. Very peaceful and lots of parking.
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