12/29/04 - posted by DavidA
The stable was on 48th. I know because in the early 60's I worked there for a short time for Mr.Bill Greer the realtor. It was an after school and weekend job. Cleaned stalls for the stable forman Lonnie who fed the horses. Dad was a partime bartender at the various saloons on Judah. The Seagull, Red Mill and the ??? hmmmm name escapes me for the third one.

There were some beautiful horses in there. Mr. Greer had 2 Palominos and a Arabian that was as beautiful as you ever saw. Great place but smelled like _ _ _ _. Hmmm do you think that was why it disappeared?

Anyhow, if you stand on the NE corner and look N, you would be in front of the Red Mill. The stable was behind that corner storefront or bar.

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