09/29/04 - posted by Steve Aguado
Gil Small and I lived on the 1200 block of 46th Avenue in the 1940s. He had four sisters: Vesta-Jean--known by all as "Jean." Kay and the youngest, Patty. We called her that because at that time she was just a little kid. The name of the fourth sister drifts away in my memory. Perhaps someone can remember her name? Jean married Elliot Wolfe of Sunset Theater fame, sometime in the mid 40s. As I remember, Gil's father worked at the Oakland Army Base and his mother was a retired Registered Nurse. Not much more to report about the Small family, but I would like to find Gil if anyone knows where he is now living.

We did trade at the Busy Bee Market (My good buddy, Bill Ferrari lived just across the street from the market) and at the Safeway store on the corner of 46th and Irving Street. Those were the days when you could walk to the store and didn't need a car to shop. Alas, those days are gone forever. Haircuts were fifty cents in the barber shop close to the Busy Bee, but they too are long gone, never to return.
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